EMG Collectives


Stronger Together!

“EMG Collectives was formed because of our mutual love of music. We want to give artists and music business professionals a way to connect on a global level.
We believe we are Stronger Together”.


This Is What We Do



One on one sessions offering consulting, guidance and advice, providing ways to navigate on a business level while maintaining your creative side.



By having a full team representing you, we will build a plan to create branding, graphics, websites, a business plan, apps to help provide a path to success for you, the artist.



Creating a custom built plan for the artist, we then create a timeline for successfully and realistically achieving the goals, based on either a short or long term involvement.


Artist Direction

We provide artist direction that you are always in charge of your own career while your team will provide information and a business plan to move your career to the next level.


Road Ready

Every member of the EMG Collectives has been an artist and/or music professional and with the
experience of touring on a global level. We can provide you with the information needed to travel in North America, Europe and Canada, from tour detail logistics, stage plots, technical riders and what you will need to make the tour easier to handle so you can be successful on the road.


Media Manners

We can provide templates on how a press release should read as well as the components needed to achieve potential coverage. With media experts, Radio Djs, and PR professionals, we can advise you
what the journalist and radio stations want to receive in your presentation and also provide advice on who to hire for your PR needs.


PR Plans & Rollout

Once you have a finished product ready for release, then what? We can customize a package based on what you goals are and give you a step by step plan, including working within your budget, So many artists have great songs, but no plan to release; we want you to have success as we share in that story.
If you win, we win!


Mental Health & Awareness

We are committed to share our support and understanding of the stress and mental health issues that come hand in hand with being a creative person. We offer one on one conversations on how to address those emotions incl. lack of confidence, the imposter syndrome, and the self sabotage that is so common in the music industry.

We All Need Help Finding The Path Leading Forward.

One-On-One / Artist Coaching

Road Ready

Management Coaching

PR Strategies

About Us

We are the Collectives. We Help Artists Build Their Dreams.

The definition of our collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.
We are a group of individuals who have been travelling, working, and sharing our goals for years and have decided now to make it a reality and available on a global level for others to access the professionals as we do in our circle of professionals.

“This initiative has unprecedented reach across all media and mediums, breaking through the barriers to ensure your needs are seen and heard.”


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